About Us


What is MondayMorning?
We are an EdTech start-up focused on disrupting training, assessment and hiring practices across the world by consolidating them into a single online platform. We use a combination of case studies, exercises and analytics to ensure that you learn new skills and improve on old ones, while showcasing your abilities to the best employers out there. Our intelligent recommendation system pinpoints skills that you need to improve on and matches you to jobs that you will be successful at.

What we believe
The platform has been designed by consultants with a firm belief in the case study method and a passion for making their knowledge accessible to everyone. All that matters at the workplace is your ability to solve real world problems and our case studies are hand crafted to simulate this experience. We are here to ensure that people from all colleges, workplaces and backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and a level playing field on which to compete. In Life, the first 20 years of hard work that buy you the next 20 years of comfort, giving you only 1000 Mondays to accomplish anything meaningful, so make every week count.

How we do it
All you need to do is sign-up and attempt our packages. Our dedicated content team constantly devises new and interesting case studies and exercises, so you can get the broadest exposure. We believe that practice makes perfect, bringing you a multitude of sectors and verticals to choose from, assessing your abilities across 6 skills. Your case studies are evaluated by current and ex consultants, ensuring that you get the right feedback. You can track and monitor your progress through our skill heatmap and analytics dashboard. Once you are eligible for a job, you can apply for the position with a single click through our online job centre. Its that simple!
The story so far

500+ Cases Uploaded
30+ Colleges Onboard
10L+ Neurons Generated
19K+ Brain Shared