Key Advantages of Using Online Assessment Platform in Recruitment

Every recruiter has the same questions while hiring for a job position:

  • How to screen/filter candidates effectively?
  • How to reduce hiring time?
  • How to automate the hiring process?
  • How to ensure the quality of hire?

The answer to all the above questions is – Online Assessments.

  • Online assessments can be a highly effective pre-employment skill measurement tool that helps companies to optimize the screening and hiring process of candidates. Some of the key benefits of an online assessment platform are as follows:
  • Validates and tests a candidate’s skill set required to succeed in the job
  • For employers sourcing candidates through campus placements, it works as an effective filtration mechanism hence recruiters spend time interviewing relevant candidates only
  • The analytical reports generated from the tool evaluating the candidate’s skill set facilitates recruiters to make smarter and data-driven hiring decisions

Various forms of question types like – Quantitative, Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Functional Knowledge and Case Studies are often used as the basis of assessments to screen and identify high caliber candidates. The best online assessment platforms would not only holistically assess the candidate’s job-required skill sets but apply interactive and gamified toolkits to give a positive candidate experience.  

MondayMorning is an online assessment platform with a question bank boasting of more than 500 business case studies. The platform gauges competencies spanning from analytical thinking, problem-solving to functional skills to accurately assess skill-sets of candidates and ensure recruiters screen the right-fit candidates for the job.