Walking My Own Walk

“Strategy without execution is a dream.” – Bill Gates

JK Rowling is one of the most celebrated story-tellers of our time. She had an idea that she nurtured for years. Sometimes possibly even discussed it with friends and family. However, she became famous only when she decided to pen her thoughts on paper and take efforts to publish the manuscript. In short, she decided to stop talking the talk, and took an empowering action to create an impact. Her story of powering through hardships in life, sustaining and nurturing her dream and becoming the richest author is the stuff of legends.

Every word that a good leader says leaves a mark on millions of people. To retain and rightfully hold their attention, the orator must deliver on the talk, the promises and speeches. The ability to talk the talk might help in narrating inspiring strategies, but successful leaders are those who are able to deliver on their smallest promises.

Our understanding of morals and morality builds during our formative years. A component of this that we take with us later in life is the value of our word. Talk the talk alone can work initially. As we continue to meet and work with more people, the value of our word declines rapidly if the trend continues. One has rightly said – actions speak louder than words. The trust gained from actions lasts much longer than the influence gained from conveying plans.