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Assess and find the right fitment for jobs

Assess using situational tests, based on the industry, function and role specific skills,
curated by industry experts and check the fitment for jobs

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Assessment Types

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Situational Test

This test will put you on several real world situations and test the compatibility based upon the responses.

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Programming Test

Evaluating applicants on online programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, PHP and many more. This test assesses technical skills, data structure & algorithms.

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Psychometric Test

Assessing applicants psychological aptitude with the intended position removing any inadequacy in face-to-face interviewing process.

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Writing Proficiency Test

Evaluating proficiency in English grammar and vocabulary by essay writing, article writing, and newspaper writing.

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Adaptive Test

This adaptive assessing is one of the newest addition to the library of tools. Here based on applicants answer sequence of questions changes.

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Aptitude Test

Assessing applicants on quantitative, logical reasoning, data interpretation, and puzzle solving for various roles to comprehend their analytical and problem-solving attitude.

Steps to Hire

1 1.Create Test
2 2.Assess Candidate Skills
3 3.Skill Analysis Report
44.Hire & Done!


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Gamified Tools for situational tests
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Inline Coding Test
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Question Library
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Skill Report & Analysis
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Video/Image Proctoring

Where can MM Candidate Screening Portal be used?

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Day-to-day hiring

Identify the skilled and suitable candidates for the open positions for which you get a lot of resumes

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Instead of interviewing every candidate in a drive and many a times missing appropriate ones, screen the right candidates using our tests and interview only the promising

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Campus Recruitment

Don't just shortlist the college students based on their marks, use our tests and find the candidates with required skillsets and temperament

Where can MM Self-Assessment portal be used?

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Helps you evaluate yourself on industry standards and job role requirements.

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Personalized skill insight

Extensive skill heat map, that shows you the area of improvement and where you are doing well.

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Option to search and apply for relevant jobs

Your skill card will land you to the jobs automatically or you can look out for jobs that suit you.



Candidates assessed

The test created


Assessments Conducted

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Skills Tested