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One-Step gamified assessment platform

Monday Morning specializes in online assessment solutions and is a pioneer in the design and implementation of gamified assessments, online tests and surveys.

A program for
Mimics corporate decision making.

For Students For Corporates

Case Study


Fill in the blank


Match the following


Programming Test


FreeText and Submission


Candidates Assessed


Tests Conducted


Skills Assessable

New Age Assessment Solution for


Create position/role specific tests

Ask questions before the job interview and recruit more effectively

Performance Management

Check your team’s domain knowledge

Sequential tests that help in gauging the understanding Post-trainings and work-shops

Skill Building & Training Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of workforce

Improve customer NPS by upskilling /reskilling the workforce


Bring innovation into school. Assessing students on Chapter/section related tests

Use online tests for exam preparation by creating mock tests

SIMPLE, Monday Morning has every feature you need

  • Customizable and Scalable solution
  • Real-time Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Automated Scoring & Grading
  • Communicate in a click
  • Mobile Responsive platform
  • Create Subdomain
  • Embed tests on your website
  • Plug & play API integrations
  • Multi-lingual
  • Integrated video/image Proctoring
  • Custom online Certificates
  • Advanced Security settings
  • Smart hassle-free Subscriptions
  • Self-Assessment & personalized skill insight

On MondayMorning

Create Tests with Bespoke Custom Settings



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Assessments Available on Demand

Situational Test

This test will put you on several real world situations and test the compatibility based upon the responses.

Programming Test

Evaluating applicants on online programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, PHP and many more. This test assesses technical skills, data structure & algorithms.

Psychometric Test

Assessing applicants psychological aptitude with the intended position removing any inadequacy in face-to-face interviewing process.

Writing Proficiency Test

Evaluating proficiency in English grammar and vocabulary by essay writing, article writing, and newspaper writing.

Adaptive Test

This adaptive assessing is one of the newest addition to the library of tools. Here based on applicants answer sequence of questions changes.

Aptitude Test

Assessing applicants on quantitative, logical reasoning, data interpretation, and puzzle solving for various roles to comprehend their analytical and problem-solving attitude.